Vehicle detectors

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Vehicle detectors

Published: 2016-1-26 9:04:53



High degree of integration, the traditional 4-channel improved to 8-channel car detector Inductive box-type multi-channel coil vehicle detector, lightweight design, easy to use Installation is very convenient to use high-performance SMD microprocessor control, can automatically detect internal work Status and external environment changes, through the scientific algorithm for data processing, so that the detector performance level and reliability compared to the past has greatly improved.

Fast and accurate detection capability, can be widely used in a variety of requirements to detect the environment Simple and intuitive control panel can quickly and easily set the operating parameters with automatic detection system key components of the function and adaptive external environment changes the function of the system With high reliability and stability. Fast Auto Tuning Quadrupole Sensitivity Adjustable: (ΔL / L) 0.01%, 0.04%, 0.16%, 0.64% Coil oscillation frequency Four steps adjustable to eliminate mutual crosstalk between adjacent coils Multiple output options Optional: , Leaving the pulse mode, there is output mode, fault output mode coil open or short circuit alarm, indicating the function of lightning protection.

Electronic police system, parking lot, toll stations and other security card system, road traffic parameters acquisition system.


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