Signal control system

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Signal control system

Published: 2016-1-26 9:04:53

Traffic signal control system is an important basic application system of ATMS system. Its main function is to automatically coordinate and control the traffic signal in the area. The traffic flow of the road network is balanced, and the number of parking times, delay time and environmental pollution are reduced to The minimum, full play the road system of transport benefits.

System Features:

● to achieve a variety of wired and wireless communication;
● to achieve multi-time, multi-phase control;
● achieve a variety of coordinated adaptive control;
● Front-end equipment working status real-time monitoring
● Realize real-time display of road traffic parameters;

System functions:

(1), regional coordination control
Green wave control, regional multi - objective coordination and optimal control, central schedule control, dynamic scheme selection and so on. In special circumstances, such as fire, security, ambulance, rescue, etc., the signal line according to the scheduled route to promote green waves to ensure that vehicles unimpeded.
(2), single point of control
The traffic lights at each intersection can be controlled independently by the traffic signal at each intersection.
(3), yellow flash control
The signal yellow light flashes at a certain frequency and warns or prompts the vehicle and pedestrian. (Mainly for night or traffic flow is small)
(4), specify the phase control
According to the intersection of traffic demand, issued by the control center command control signal phase of the implementation of the time, traffic guidance.
(5), priority control
Center and local priority control bus priority, emergency vehicle priority and so on.
(6), traffic information collection function
The system can collect, process, store and provide traffic information such as traffic flow and occupancy rate in the control area to provide traffic signal timing, and provide traffic guidance and transportation organization and planning use.
(7), the system displays the function
Can be displayed in the system area intersection line diagram, system parameter configuration, signal control mode, traffic signal machine real-time running status (signal light color)
Traffic and other traffic information.
(8), the system monitoring function
The system equipment and software working conditions and fault conditions to conduct a comprehensive monitoring and detection, prompting the user to deal with the failure.
(9), remote signal parameters
In the case where the central control computer and the traffic signal communication are normal, the central control computer can load the intersection characteristic parameter and modify the time parameter of the traffic signal machine.


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