Traffic signal control "hardware in the ring" simulation diagnosis system

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Traffic signal control "hardware in the ring" simulation diagnosis system

Published: 2016-1-26 9:04:53

product description:    

Traffic signal control "hardware in the ring" simulation diagnosis system (hereinafter referred to as "diagnostic system"), is based on a "hardware in the ring" simulation environment, for traffic signal control effect monitoring, evaluation and diagnosis system. The diagnostic system uses computer simulation to enrich the traffic simulation test environment, with a variety of diagnostic parameters and indicators as the core, providing online and offline diagnostic results. The diagnostic system includes diagnostic and diagnostic analysis software. The diagnostic device is 100 * 100 * 100 with a 7-inch touch screen portable device, connecting the signal control machine and the computer.

Product Features:    

(A) "bridge": connecting the signal machine and computer, real-time bi-directional transmission detector information and timing information, so that the signal and the simulation environment to form a closed loop, continuous operation;

(2) monitoring: real-time monitoring of intersection operation and online diagnosis, the user through the display to see the intersection of real-time detector usage and signal timing information, online observation of diagnostic trends;

(C) record: record the intersection of running data for offline diagnosis. Diagnostic analysis software for PC-side off-line further diagnostic analysis tool.

The main function

(1) index calculation: the use of diagnostic apparatus recorded at the intersection of operational data, calculate the indicators;

(2) detailed diagnostic information, multi-query: single-index multi-object, single-object multi-index and multi-object multi-index query;

(3) automatic diagnosis of the report: the report to the annual report, monthly and daily reports in different forms for different needs of users. Our diagnostic system as a signal control machine "set-top box", the existing intelligent control system to upgrade, to achieve the existing credit control system and do not interfere with the traffic conditions, the signal control system for diagnostic evaluation, Give a "medical report" to guide further operational decisions.


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