Rong Heng Group started to Kyrgyzstan, line up sleeves

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Rong Heng Group started to Kyrgyzstan, line up sleeves "chicken" continue to dry!

Published: 2017-2-7 16:11:56
        2017 years of sunshine to the earth, the new year to open new hope, carrying a new dream, yesterday is the first seven days of the Lunar New Year, "the beginning of the year, The The Bless the new year we all want to do everything, all the best! The The

This is the first meeting after the New Year
New Year tea party
The same greeting, not the same place

General Manager Chen Yi Zhou started to work red envelopes, send blessings
We sit together to share the joy of the New Year

After the tea party
Everyone hands together dumplings together
The atmosphere is very warm

This is the first meal in the cafeteria
Haha, or familiar taste!
Oh, eat peanuts stuffing
Is a good head

Reduce the red envelope is a new year
Especially not married colleagues
Special enthusiasm
Everyone in the office between the New Year Road Road hi hi

Everyone is drying out full of victories
The The The The The The

Some colleagues took pictures before peach blossom
Bless the new year good luck again and again

The body is the capital of revolution
At noon we are ready to go
To the Wutongshan starting friends
After the temple is also crossing the immortal lake

Beautiful scenery along the way
Everyone can not help
All the way to take pictures

Prayer in the temple2016
Thanksgiving is your companionship
  Will continue to walk with you

Line up the sleeves and refuel dry
Is the time to give Rong Heng's mission
It is our commitment to the future

Refueling Rongheng, 2017 take off! The The


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