Luohu District CPPCC lecture hall: to enhance friendship, hand in hand.

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Luohu District CPPCC lecture hall: to enhance friendship, hand in hand

Published: 2017-3-23 12:03:44

      March 15, 2017, Luohu District CPPCC in Liantang "Valley" a passenger space in the United States held the "Luohu District, the CPPCC Economic Committee Working Conference." During the meeting, Luo Hu District, vice chairman of the CPPCC Zhang Yuxing, Zhuang Yiting attended the meeting, the Economic Commission Chairman Qiu Jie presided over the meeting; and more than 40 members of the CPPCC Economic Committee and the people of the CPPCC National Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Union Luohu five branch members to participate in this event. The meeting focused on "enhance friendship and perform their duties" on how to strengthen the CPPCC members exchange learning, better perform the functions of participating in politics to discuss, open words, speak their minds.
      At the meeting, Vice Chairman Zhuang Yiting informed the Economic Work Committee's 2017 annual work plan, Luohu District CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Yuxing for everyone to share the theme of "the village, is from the future of the world heritage" report.

      After the meeting, the members of the CPPCC and the branch members of the district are hooked up. In the collision and exchange, the business knowledge needed to fulfill the duties and the new requirements of the new strategy of Luohu revitalization and development have made a lot of money. Finally, all the members of the collective photo taken for this event draw a satisfactory full stop.


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