HD electronic police equipment

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HD electronic police equipment

Published: 2016-1-26 9:04:53

First, the law enforcement record function

(1) illegal driving red light capture function
(2) do not follow the drive lane driving function
(3) illegal retrograde capture function
(4) compaction line travel capture function
(5) illegal lane driving capture function
(6) illegal video recording function (video recording illegal process)
(7) real-time video storage function


Second, the detection function

(1) Signal status detection function (video, hardware dual detection mode)
(2) Vehicle traffic information detection capture function (record license plate access information)
(3) license plate recognition function (with license plate color, type, number recognition function)
(4) vehicle detection and identification function
(5) abnormal situation detection function

Third, the recording function

(1) real-time video storage (support single 4T storage)
(2) built-in data storage function (support single 4T storage)
(3) power off function
(4) information overlay, image tampering function
(5) light adaptive capture function
(6) school function
(7) traffic flow statistics function
(8) device self-test function
(9) Logging function
(10) historical data query, management functions

Fourth, the expansion function

(1) congestion prohibited detection
(2) social vehicles in the lane driving test
(3) green light air discharge detection
(4) intersection detection
(5) traffic light signal conflict detection
(6) body color detection


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